McDuffie Statement on Councilmember Jack Evans and Introduction of Legislation to Ban Councilmembers from Engaging in Outside Employment

Washington, D.C. — Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie has released the following statement:

“I am profoundly disappointed in Councilmember Evans. Since yesterday, I have spoken with both Chairman Mendelson and Councilmember Evans about this very serious issue. In our conversation, I told Councilmember Evans that, in the best interests of the residents of the District, he should resign from the Council.

The O’Melveny report reveals a pattern of unethical conduct by Councilmember Evans, and his actions have irreparably breached the public trust. Regrettably, this is where we find ourselves, and that is why, today, I have introduced the Councilmember Full-Time Employment Charter Amendment Act of 2019, which would prohibit Councilmembers from engaging in outside employment.”

A copy of the Councilmember Full-Time Employment Charter Amendment Act of 2019 can be obtained here.